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  1. Amanda Ballenger, Editor, National Association of Presbyterian Scouters (NAPS)

    Hi, just wanted to know if anyone from the Long Cane District or from the Council is coming to the new BSA Summit Bechtel Reserve for Jamboree. If you are, please stop by the Presbyterian Scouters tent in the exhibit area.

    We have a video on the Reformation, with a quiz at end to let contenders win a Reformation, NAPS, Jamboree medal, pose with your face in the John Knox standup as he/you preach ardently from behind a massive pulpit, plus the option to make a Calvin’s mask (very spooky actually) when you make it into both a mask and a much needed at Bechtel fan.

    I am also looking for participants there who will create a note on your experience for the NAPS website and newsletter. Stop by and bump up your message or download by email. Just be sure we have a picture of you and/or your troop or crew as well. Looking forward to meeting you at Jamboree! Be sure to tell me you learned of this opportunity from the note today. Blessings–Safe journeying! Amanda

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